Superintending Engineer (P.W.D) Retd

Former Principal,Polytechnic, Dharapuram

Former Guest Lecturer,Rural University, Gandhigram

Poet,Writer and Dramatist

Post Retirement Services

Appointed as Principal in the Ramakrishna Nallammai Polytechnic College and served for TWO years. Then on the invitation of the Rural University, Gandhigram, Dindigul he held the post of Guest Lecturer for a period of One year.

Writing Career

His writing career commenced even while he was in government service. During 1985-86 it seems that while he was travelling in his jeep on duty he happened to see construction of houses with the help of masons. He was wounded when he saw the wrong arrangement of rods in a lintel. He got down and advised to correct the steel rod arrangements. That incident made him to write a book on the construction of a house. But he could not do it as the conduct rules prevented. He explored the possibility to bring out a book and at last he succeeded in his attempt. He wrote a complete book tand sent the manuscript to the government and got the permission of Government to publish the book and he did it in the year 1987. This is the story of his writing career. Following this he released two more books titled Tamil Coorum Nallulagam and Manaiyadi Sastharam and Poriyeal Kalai Oru Oppu Nokku during 1990 and 1993 respectively after getting permission from the Government. By the time he retired from Government Service and continued writing and so far brought out 18 books in Vernacular and three books in English language.

His writing continues and the world would expect as many books as possible from him during his life time


  • 1940-1946
  • Higher Elementary School,Kalappanaickan Patti

  • 1947-1952
  • Board High School,Sendamangalam

  • 1952-1954
  • National college,Thiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India

  • 1954-1958
  • Government College of Technology,Bachelor of Engineering ( B.E.), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

  • 1958-1963
  • Junior Engineer, Public Works Department,Tamil Nadu

  • 1964-1982
  • Assistant Engineer & Assistant Executive Engineer, Public Works Department Tamil Nadu

  • 1964-1982
  • Assistant Engineer & Assistant Executive Engineer, Public Works Department Tamil Nadu

  • 1982-1989
  • Executive Engineer,Public Works Department: Tamil Nadu

  • 1989-1992
  • Superintending Engineer (Retd.),Public Works Department; Tamil Nadu

  • 1992-1994
  • Principal, Sri Ramakrishna Nallammai Polytechnic College, Dharapuram, Tamil Nadu

  • 1995-1996
  • Guest Lecturer,Rural Uni versity, Gandhigram , Tamil Nadu.


  • 1984-1986
  • Substitute Member ,Lime Committee , Indian Standard Institution, New Delhi, India

  • 1991
  • MEMBER , Information Center for Fibre Reinforced, Concrete, Composites: Chennai Center

  • 1995-current
  • Fellow. The Institution of Engineers (India) India

  • 1995-current
  • Chartered Engineer, The Institution of Engineers (India)



FIRST PRIZE for TAMIL COORUM NALLULAGAM : Best Poetry Award for the year 1990 : Award Presented by Chief Minister, Tamil Nadu


FIRST PRIZE for “Manai Adi Sasthirum-Pori Iyal Kalai Oru Oppu Nokku” Best Technical Book Award For The year 1992 Award Presented by Finance Minister, Tamil Nadu


THIRD PRIZE for Best Poetry Book Award for the year 1995 on Environmental Science Award Presented by Chief Minister, Tamil Nadu



THIRD PRIZE for Certificate of Merit by “Manavar Mandram , Chennai” Essay writing Competition for VI Standard students


Certificate of merit by “Manavar Mandram,Chennai” For story writing Competition for VI Standard Students


SCROLL OF APPRECIATION Awarded by HIS EXCELLENCY THE GOVERNER OF TAMIL NADU for the excellent civil work done in a record time of the Thiruppathur Co-operative Sugar Mills

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